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Build It On Ventgrid

Does Your House Have a Cold Basement Floor?

Ventgrid works as a perfect thermal break between the floor finish and the concrete slab.

Trusted for High-quality Construction Projects 

Do you need air space behind your siding, under the roofing, or between a concrete slab and flooring? Whatever the need might be, Ventgrid is the perfect solution for creating that vital ventilation gap as an integral component of a subfloor, roof, or wall assembly. Ventgrid provides over 8000 pounds per square foot of compressive strength which means the effective air gap will always be maintained, even under the heaviest loads. For roofs, walls, and floors, Ventgrid is the right product for you.

Man installing ventgrid on exterior wall

Why Choose Ventgrid?

Ventgrid is the ideal product for creating a properly drained and ventilated gap, allowing air to flow and water to escape. It is a well-known fact that water build up combined with minimal air circulation will dramatically increase the possibility of damaging mold and rot to occur. This can even lead to serious structural deterioration and the development of dangerous mold spores invading interior spaces.

More reasons to choose Ventgrid:

Simple to cut
Easy to install
Easily shimmed
High compressive strength
Does not absorbs moisture, decay, or support mold growth

Ventgrid is the best continuous ventilation layer available on the market. You can connect with your building material retailer or with us for more information on Ventgrid.

Professional Affiliations

Cedar Bureau
Green Building Advisor

Protect Your Walls Against All Weather Conditions

Apply Ventgrid12™ behind the cladding to provide a ventilated and drained airspace, allowing water to escape and air to flow through and dry out the wall assembly materials.

Choose Ventgrid12™ for Your Home

Sold across Canada & the United States. For more information, reach your nearest distributor.

Protect Your Home With Ventgrid12™

Install Ventgrid for floors to enhance ventilation and reduce the possibility of mold formation due to moisture build-up.

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