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Choose Ventgrid12™ for Floors

Do you need more space in your house, and the basement is the only way to go? Maybe it’s a place for the whole family to come together and reconnect, or perhaps you just want to create a clean, dry playroom for the kids. Whatever the need, the challenge is doing it right and within your budget. Rely on Ventgrid12™ for floors in Canada.

Installation of vent grid on interior wall

The goal is to create a space that people want to be in, so the room's comfort level is critical to the success of a renovation project. Comfort level can be subjective, but it just comes down to how a person feels within the space. One of the best ways to improve the comfort level is to create a thermal break, or air space, between the cold, damp concrete floor and the newly finished floor. A thermal break practically eliminates the conductive transfer of heat from the heated living space to the hard concrete slab. Naturally occurring moisture caused by wicking and condensation will collect on the surface of the slab. This dampness needs to escape and evaporate to prevent mold from developing.

Ventgrid12™ is an ideal solution for creating solid subfloors with superior ventilation characteristics. The 1/4”(6.4mm) long stand-offs will keep the flooring separated from the concrete while allowing ample cross ventilation throughout the subfloor system, keeping your floors warm and dry.

Ventgrid12™ offers many advantages, making it the ideal solution for basement renovation projects:

Lowest profile, which means fewer problems in cases where ceiling height is already limited, stairs already exist, or door thresholds are a concern.
Most affordable subfloor system available
Lightweight and easy to handle
Simple to cut
Easy to install
Easily shimmed
High compressive strength
Superior ventilation
Unobstructed path to floor drains
Suitable for most floor assemblies

So, for a successful basement renovation, build it on Ventgrid12™!

Create a Space You Want to Be In!

Successfully renovate and optimize your basements and other subfloors with Ventgrid12™.

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