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Canadian Firm Develops a New Rainscreen Product

Ventgrid is perfect to create a gap under siding, roofing and flooring. It is a 1/2-inch-thick panel made from high-density polyethylene. Ventgrid comes in 4-foot by 8-foot sheets that weigh 8 pounds each. The sheets can be cut much like gypsum wallboard: score the sheet and snap it. Ventgrid has enough flexibility to be rolled or folded to get around a corner when working in a tight space. Discover more about the benefits of using Ventgrid.

To Install Stucco Right, Include an Air Gap

In many areas of the country, hundreds of stucco-clad homes have suffered wall rot. Although building scientists are still researching the causes of wall rot behind stucco, it’s clear that all of these walls got wet and were unable to dry.

Among the reasons that have been proposed for the recent epidemic of stucco-clad homes with wall rot:

Many of the houses had OSB sheathing, which is more susceptible to rot than plywood or board sheathing.
Many of the houses had only one layer of Grade D paper or asphalt felt under the stucco rather than two.
The homes lacked a ventilated air gap between the stucco and the sheathing.
In many of the homes, interior polyethylene prevented the walls from drying to the interior.
Many of the homes had flashing errors.
Some of the homes had high indoor humidity coupled with an imperfect air barrier.

If you’re planning to install stucco on a wood-framed wall, you can benefit from the many lessons learned from all of the failed stucco installations of the last twenty years. Before we tackle the question of how to avoid such failures, however, let’s delve into some stories from the recent wall-rot plague.

Architizer A+ Awards - Finalist 2015

Architizer A+ Awards

Ventgrid12™ was selected as a Finalist in the Architizer A+ Awards in the Building Products category.

While the Architizer A+ Jury Award is selected by an illustrious jury, the online public chooses the Architizer A+ Popular Choice Award. A+ Public Voting ends April 3rd. All voting for this category takes place here.

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