Ventgrid Provides Ventilation and Airspace for Air and Water to Escape

Ventgrid acts as a thermal barrier between the floor finish and the concrete slab by creating a gap between the two, which eliminates conductive heat transfer. Similarly, when Ventgrid12™ is installed behind the wall cladding, it enhances ventilation and keeps the sheathing free from moisture damage. 



It is a common misperception that exterior siding such as vinyl, wood, aluminum, brick, stone, fibre cement, and others are intended to keep all water out. Wind and solar-driven rain will penetrate all exterior wall cladding systems, which is perfectly normal. The only possible exception might be “face sealed” systems such as EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing System). Still, these assemblies only effectively keep water out if the sealant around openings such as windows and doors is adequately maintained, which is rarely the case.


So, where does the water go once it passes through the face of the wall cladding? Well, that all depends on how the wall was constructed. Suppose the siding material is affixed directly to the wall sheathing with no airspace provided. In that case, the water will be trapped between the back of the siding and the WRB (Water Resistant Barrier) or sheathing paper. Water can build up over time, and it may never completely go away in more humid climates. If that happens, building materials in contact with the water can deteriorate. Many materials used in construction, such as wood, insulation, fibre cement, brick, gypsum board, etc., are highly absorbent and therefore also susceptible to rot.


The solution is to apply Ventgrid12™ behind the cladding to provide a ventilated and drained airspace, allowing water to escape and air to flow through and dry out the wall assembly materials. Ventgrid12™ is strong, rigid, easy to use, and affordable.


Consider the high cost of replacing the siding on your home or worse, repairing damage caused by rot in the wall assembly and Ventgrid easily becomes an essential and affordable investment in preserving the beauty of your home.